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Last updated: December 12, 2017

How To Get Organic Impressions On Twitter and Engage With An Audience.

My name is Jose & in 2016 I graduated from High School, I knew I was different, I didn’t want to attend college and be in debt at a young age. I decided to ask myself “What makes you happy?”

To the point where work isn’t so called work? Then I came to the conclusion I would follow up on my brothers steps because the road he was on wasn’t the same as mine but we had the same destination. I knew he had invested in a company named MOBE.

The Future Of Internet Marketing

That’s when my light of wealth lit a flame and I knew together we’d do damage to the advertising industry. Growing up I’ve watched my brother work in the real world and work on a computer part time. Let me tell you he’s the real definition of grind. He’s the one that inspired me to take the leap of faith. A few of you will doubt & if you do you might as well just walk out my words. Imagine a kid watching his brother put the weight of the world on his shoulders because mommy & daddy didn’t sacrifice their blood for their sons to be Mc.Donalds Managers.

Sorry for the cold hard truth that’s all I heard growing up and I’m glad because it made me realize that only the hungry survive. Working alongside and learning from my brother is a privilege, he’s a mentor. A lot of eyes will pay for his teachings. I’m basically proof his teachings are worth dollar signs. For example below you’ll see screenshots of my tweets on Twitter.

Twitter Post Example’s

Impressions increase the more I post on Twitter, also the Tweet’s get saved and never deleted for future PPC adverting.

Twitter MarketingTwitter Marketing

Below you will see stats aka stats for nerds because let’s be honest only a few understand. That is organic traffic my friends, of course I’m proud of my stats be proud of little progress for it isn’t the end. This type of journey takes time, patience, and dedication. It’s true society wants to have it easy, think about it if you’re not willing to invest $100 dollars on a book or business to see results then you ain’t hungry. When I’m not learning from my brother I invest my time in reading or I’ll play Gears of War 4 online. In the beginning it was for fun I mean I played Gears since a very young age it was what kept me out of trouble.

Twitter Pro Level Marketing

I have a team named KingEsportsClan I started it because in the near future I hope I can reach the stage of the pros. I have played against pros but nothing serious not yet. I’m limited to my resources so it does hold me back at times. I mean that’s life. You have to keep pushing though. Ain’t nothing last forever. Before prospects we’re able to join my team they would have to invest time, money, and loyalty to the team & grind. You have to change you’re name to KING.
It shows that you are invested and it lets me take the time to teach of what I know. I only take serious players in but not all of them make it. I currently only have 2 players who for sure they’ll be on the pro stage.

Diamonds And Ranking.

I still have to keep looking for two dedicated players willing to invest on all the 3 golden nuggets I dropped. Don’t get me wrong as a team it’s difficult to reach goals as a unit but together it isn’t impossible. I’ll invest in potential, in all reality if I see and hear the spirit within you I will work & grind by you’re side to execute the plan that was planned out. After the team is completed we’ll be back on track. Nothing is easy in any industry gaming or advertise. Save time and remove the doubt and go for it. It won’t hurt you but you’ll hurt the time wasted.

Author: Jose Linares



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