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“The Triumphant Winner Rose From His Seat”

For 7 years I have experience FAILURE, is a lesson and a blessing at the same time. Before I go into the post people are low key waiting for me to post on the blog or website. I only like to post results, and if I think is worth posting it, I go for it. Also I have to feel inspire to blog, some of the blog post from the past have been just REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES.

Set Goals and Execute

Last year I set a goal to generate 10,000 leads, because I am sure I will achieve  it in the future, now I am thinking about 500,000 leads. In the niche I am in, is all about conversions, conversions = money. The real question is WHY Have I Not Done It Already? A couple of things need to take in place before this can happen. I have not had a job since last year around this time, I basically got fire from my job, over some drama stuff with other coworkers.  It happens, I move on. Bro I have been picking up pennies and cans, just so I can survive, even though my parents are working and taking care of me, it stings a lot.  My parents know I got them, my family is set for life.

Started From The Bottom Now We Here

I am starting from the bottom, low key I plan on creating an EMPIRE ONLINE. (Follow Me). To start I need a JOB, save up a couple of thousand of dollars and invest. By the way I am not afraid to spend money online. I am 29 years old and I have lost track how much money I have spend trying to FIGURE THE GAME OUT.  Is worth it, if you want it bad enough.  Is going to take a lot of hours and overtime to bring to life the business I am trying to create. But we already won, all we need is FAITH. I plan to do some video tutorials on the next blog post. Lets just take it one day at time. Until Next Time.

John 8:55 KJV


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