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Last updated: November 16, 2017

Currently 4 Entrepreneurs on the team.

In January 2017, I decided to quit my job, 8 months later here I am with my own website. Funny how things turn out to be.

I was going to college in California. I had the same routine everyday get up, go to work clock in, clock out. After, college classes all afternoon.

Then life hit me, and it push me to my limits.

I decided to learn on my own. I began doing research on google on how to work from home. (I was actually trying to work but at home) then I saw an Ad and it said how to make an income from home, decided to get more information.

Of course like any other average person I fail. I join a business and the next thing you know, I am in the selling game.

Apparently nobody from my upline knew how to acquire customers, once again I went to google and type how to get customers online, and that’s how I got into getting traffic using Pay Per Click (PPC).

Check out my blog is about PPC traffic and where to find keywords for your PPC campaigns.

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