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Blue Dream

Last post was on Thanksgiving, is been busy. Ever since we decided to create a TEAM, is been none stop talking to different people online.  Social Media, is all about keeping it real. People know if you are being genuine. We also realize not everybody qualifies to be an entrepreneur. Building a business online takes TIME, is not an overnight success.

Since this blog has gone live on social media people from all over the world have been coming to read it. Is the point of a blog, to have people come and read our story. I been in the industry for 8 years, I was that one kid who did extensive research. I should of finish college when I had the chance but is TIME to CROSS….

Attraction Marketing

People are attracted to other people if they show VALUE into someone’s life. Like I said ever since we launch the blog we had so far over 1k visitors. Is funny how I will go crazy because I could not force anybody to visit my website, now is something natural. Point is I had trouble, I had to buy so many courses about online marketing, lets just say I max out my credit cards trying to learn.  Regrets? None.

I wanted to LEARN, yes it was better than my English class, is only the truth.  It was worth it.

Attract The Right People Into Your Business

In this business is all about choosing the right people in your team. In a day I usually talk to about 30 people all from using Social Media. Mostly all of the conversations is business related, but I always try my best at looking at the bigger picture. Is all about creating a relationship with someone for the long term. People are attracted to those who can have a HUGE IMPACT in their LIFE.

This Year Was All About Putting Our Names In Social Media, Letting People Know, Entrepreneur Is The Way To Go.

 Reading Attracts Other Entrepreneurs

Is only obvious that we are all humans, and some days are good and some bad. One of the things I made sure I always do, is read. My favorite book ” Awaken The Giant Within” by Anthony Robbin. I always been true to what I wanted to accomplish, the team is ready. I still believe a lot of people are not going after all their dreams. Go for it you got nothing to lose, people are going to judge but is normal.

Seek The Kingdom Of God Above All Else, And Live Righteously, And He Will Give You Everything You Need.


It took me 8 years to figure it out, I been hustling since I was 20. This time is different, I am not alone for support. I am building a team of 4 so far. I know we still going to have a lot people to work with and teach them how to properly do online marketing,but all this work will be worth it.

Final Thoughts

My point, when you truly help someone, it attracts more positive people around the world. Specially on Instagram, we be getting quality followers. CEO, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs etc. They all bring at least about 10k followers, this is better then having someone just to get a follow back . I been cleaning out my pages just to make sure I follow the people who provide VALUE to the Market.

Set goals, write down your plan and execute. And I will just leave you with this…until next time…

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