Brand Awareness

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Brand Yourself To The Market

Lately I have been thinking about branding ourselves first. Is one thing to do Affiliate Marketing, which is to promote other peoples products online or offline. But is important to really put your name in the beginning….

A brand does not have to be a big deal in the beginning, and you don’t need to wast a lot money on a logo. I have to thank my brother Jose Linares because he is the one who does a better job then I do. When people brand themselves, is about getting a message to an audience.

People want to know who you are.

Share The Story

I believe we all have a story to tell, where we come from, why we choose this path, etc. When I do social media and I talk to other entrepreneurs, they always have a story to tell. The only reason I would bring it up is because the reader may be able to relate to the author.

For example I can list a couple of things which describes WHO I AM…

  • Reading
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Xbox

I used to hate reading at college, only because they made me. Is not fun when you have to do a book report and you have no PASSION towards it, just for a grade. As of now my first book is the Bible, Awaken The Giant Within and Online Marketing. Basketball, Soccer  and Xbox are all in one, I am very competitive when it comes to sport. I use to play soccer when I use to live in Los Angeles, then I move out to the valley and got into basketball.

Creating An Audience

Were not special we are only using our THOUGHTS to EXPRESS OURSELVES. By sharing a little bit about myself online, an audience will start to grow, obviously not over night. But at least the CORE has been BUILD.  This also allows for the audience to get to know the author. Obviously not everyone will be able to relate, since we all come from different backgrounds.

Final Thoughts,

Go after the dream you want, the job you want, anything that comes to your head.


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