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Gears 4 Life

Is no secret I have spend most of my life searching for a distraction from all the crazy stuff that is happening around the world, so I guess you can say I distract myself by playing Gears. My little brother who is only 19 years of age is a complete warrior, he be playing the game like a piece of cake.

My main point is, that’s just another way to “WASTE TIME”. But is not, if we are competing for money. My little brother got me into going into the tournaments and is very competitive and fun at the same time. These games can last up to 45 Min, and sometimes I do feel like it is a big “WASTE OF TIME”, but then again it keeps me off the streets. Before we can have fun I make sure I take care of my business.

Back To Business

As of now I could not be more proud of my brother. He decided to launch his own website, not only that he managed to get over 1k visitors in less than 2 weeks! Completely surpass me! I am not surprised at all, he was learning from me, watching all the moves I would do, he just took “ACTION”.

Ever since we both been working hard each of us have being putting in 80 hours per week. We have been busy, I continue to network with people in the same niche. Social Media has been trying to close the doors on us lately, we still have access to our social media accounts some not all of them. We also get limited by how much we can post.

The good thing about having a business online is connecting with everyone around the world.  6:51 AM. Anyone can create a website these days and put in any content they wish, or maybe even set it up as an eCommerce store.


A lot of people around the world are waking up right now, getting ready for work. A job some people love, but for others is just making a living. 2017 was a year I would not forget, have gone through big ups and downs. But we always managed to come up. Is in our DNA, trust me I have been struggling ever since I graduated from high school. Work and nothing to show for, but this website.

Be LIMITLESS, I should have ignored everyone from the beginning and not pay attention to criticism. The comeback is real, I am not saying is going to happen over night, but with GOALS anything is possible. We have been preparing ourselves for this tough journey, what we went through this year in 2017(Revelation 1:5) and still managed to get around.

Happy New Year

For now last blog post for the year, just know we are putting in hours to make the BLUE DREAM a reality. Peace and Happy Holidays!



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